Powering an Industrial Plant Expansion

Project Scope:

EPC of a 230/34.5kV substation and 230kV transmission line

Project Type:

Industrial Substations

Year Completed:

An industrial customer needed a substation built to support a $1.49 billion plant expansion that would increase factory output by about 30%. The substation was going to be twice the size of the existing substation and the customer needed an EPC team to complete the work. They wanted an EPC that could meet their pricing, timing and scope requirements, and Beta offered just what they needed thanks to extensive experience with large high voltage projects.

Timing was essential because the substation had to be completed before the rest of the expansion. If the substation was not ready in time, the customer would be unable to open the new portion of the factory, resulting in revenue losses and unfilled orders for clients who were relying on the plant’s new levels of output.

When the customer’s insurance company refused to insure the control building that was part of the original design, we provided the customer with another option that met the project needs and the insurance requirements. When a subcontractor tried to back out of their agreement to provide the exact transformer the customer wanted and instead designed an option that was cheaper for them to produce, Beta’s project manager noticed the subcontractor’s design changes and required them to redesign the transformer according to the original agreement.

Thanks to Beta’s responsiveness to their needs, the customer finished the project with a high-quality result that was completed within budget and in time for the completion of the plant expansion.

Detailed Scope of Work

• Powered utilities and rectifiers for plant expansion

• Purchasing of major equipment

• Added 240 MW to the plant’s power grid

• Coordination with energy provider

• Design and procurement of CMU control building

• Testing and commissioning

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