Achieving Cost Savings for a Renewable Project

Project Scope:

EPC of a 138/34.5kV collector substation for a 200MW solar farm

Project Type:

Factory-Built Substation Projects

BESS & Renewable Interconnections

Year Completed:

A development company needed a fast, cost-effective way to interconnect a solar farm to the grid. Already familiar with modular design, they wanted a team that leveraged this approach and the high voltage expertise to handle the design, construction and installation of a modular substation. Agile by Beta® offered the time and cost savings the customer was looking for.

During the project, we helped our customer overcome multiple challenges, including developing a plan to effectively manage the COVID-19 outbreak, permitting and supplier issues. When our 138kV transmission cable manufacturer was no longer able to certify installation due to COVID-19 issues, we worked to certify our subcontractor so that they became the first certified installer of this cable in the U.S. and Canada. When we discovered an underground communication line crossed the path of our underground transmission line and ran under our planned foundation, we redesigned the transmission line route and moved the location of the point of interconnect yard around the existing fiber conduit.

We provided the customer with new ideas and solutions to build a high-quality substation for an owner with high standards. Thanks to our team’s hard work, our customer and the project owner were able to meet their commitments to the utility and investors.

Detailed Scope of Work

• Implementation of COVID-19 safety measures

• Foundation work

• Redesign of transmission line and altered location of point of interconnect yard to accommodate existing fiber conduit

• Design and installation of 138kV underground generation tie line

• DC power, AC Power and P&C

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