High Voltage Expertise

Transmission Line Engineering

High voltage transmission line projects can present unique engineering and construction challenges. Beta performs transmission line engineering for underground lines and overhead lines. Beta's experience means that we are ready to make your next transmission line project or interconnection a success.

When the project is ready to be built, our construction management and procurement teams know how to plan for a variety of topographical challenges, from mountainous terrain to busy city centers. Our construction team handles traffic coordination, rights-of-way, staging of equipment and materials, and other logistical factors to get your project built and interconnected safely and on schedule.

Civil Design

Beta’s civil engineers handle site development, which includes structure maintenance pads, temporary and permanent access roads, as well as designs for underground duct banks. Our experience includes designing maintenance pads and access roads through mountainous terrain as well as designing rock fall fencing to protect structures from rockslides. 

Beta also develops and implements stormwater pollution prevention plans (SWPPP) for construction activities and supports customers in obtaining environmental and construction permits. 

We use Civil 3D to prepare site development plans as well as underground duct bank plans. Our transmission civil design capabilities include:

  • Maintenance pad design
  • Access road design
  • Traffic control plans
  •  Underground plan and profile drawings

Transmission Line Design

Our transmission engineering team designs all aspects of transmission lines for overhead and underground transmission lines. We ensure that designs, and their applications, meet the current editions of industry codes and standards, as well as customer-specific requirements.

Beta's civil, structural and electrical engineers perform designs with industry-preferred software, including Inventor, Vibrec, PLS-CADD and MFAD. We provide complete designs and details for high voltage transmission lines, including:

  • Plan and profile drawings
  • Sag and tension calculations
  • Structure arrangement details
  • Load development calculations
  • Structural design calculations
  • Foundation design calculations
  • Foundation detail drawings
  • Structure staking details
  • Conductor ampacity calculations
  • Crossing exhibits
  • Conductor vibration analysis

Here are a few examples of how we have helped customers overcome their transmission line engineering challenges:

  • We faced challenging site terrain on a 115/34.5kV substation project located atop a remote mesa. With careful engineering and close coordination with our subcontractor, our team designed and built the 115kV transmission line. The line descended down a steep 400 ft. drop and crossed a heavily trafficked railroad line and multiple transmission and distribution lines to reach the utility substation.
  • Another project involved intercepting an existing 230kV double circuit transmission line to loop into a new GIS switchyard. The design required installing underground transition poles and routing an underground transmission duct bank through a small site while also coordinating with retaining walls, stormwater structures and other conduit duct banks.
  • A transmission line project on an industrial mine site included the design and construction of a 69kV transmission line. Project challenges included designing and installing poles in loose, weak sand, coordinating with other contractors working in the same area, and working with the customer to adjust the alignments due to unknown conflicts and changing conditions.

Licensed to work in all 48 contiguous states, our team of civil, structural and electrical engineers are ready to make your project a success.

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